Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Photo update

I have had a busy 24 hrs!
Mini dark and white chocolate cupcakes. They were supposed to look like plum puddings, but it didn't really work out on the mini cupcake size, oOps. They were for Kindy end of year party, so it didn't matter.
This is what Plum Liqueur looks like (well, at the start). I have no idea how big the jar is, but you are looking at 3kg of plums, nearly a whole bottle of vodka, 2 cups of brandy and a heap of sugar!
Edited to add - I managed to get 4 wine bottles worth of liqueur out of this batch. 
It tastes yummy! Very plum jammy :)

I decided to go the plum jam instead of making the plum schnapps in addition to the liqueur. This is it at the start of the reduction - 100% plums.
And, of course I have been making chocolates! Here we have Salted Peanut Cream center chocolates, Honey Caramel center chocolates, Nutella center chocolates (I was getting lazy by then), and the ones to the right hand side are all rum balls! The chocolate dipped ones are Cats rum balls (yup, my recipe) and the coconut ones are all that is left of the super easy rum balls - all recipes a few posts back.
Edited to add - my Plum and Port jam is delicious!

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