Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chicken Vegie Wellington

This one is super easy!
Serves 2 -4

Chicken Tenderloins (500g)
One red capsicum (sliced into strips)
1 packet Tasmanian Feta (cubed)
I bunch English Spinach (washed and remove stalks)
200g Swiss Brown mushrooms (optional - chopped into quarters)
1 packet puff pastry - 2 sheets

* Lightly fry the tenderloins till browned, but not cooked through. Fry in butter.
* Set chicken aside to cool.
* Line puff pastry with Spinach, leaving a 1-2cm border.
* Layer on the chicken, feta, capsicum and/or mushroom.
* grab 2 opposite sides of the pastry and fold up and press together. Then fold it over so you have a roll with a line down the middle.
* press each end together with its partner using a fork, then fold it again and fork it again : )
* Brush with egg yolk and place in pre-heated oven (180 deg C/ 160 deg C fan forced).
* Cook for 1/2 hour.
* Cut in half to Serve.

NB: It is probably best if you also make a sage crepes to line the base of the roll, as that will absorb the excess moisture and keep the pastry crispy. Just use any crepe recipe and add shredded fresh sage (not too much!).

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